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Create a Tumblr Banner

Make Tumblr banners that impress.

To find a good Tumblr header is a challenge. The ones available on the web have been used so many times by other Tumblr users, so you just do not want to use them again. The best way to stand out is to create something on your own. If you have never done anything like this before, do not get upset. Crello offers a handy visual editor.

Designing is easy and exciting if you enjoy the result. Even if you do not know where to start, or feel the lack of ideas, Crello templates collection will help you get inspired.

Design Tumblr Banners

Design Fancy Tumblr Banner

Some of the Tumblr users set stock photos as their headers. Of course, it is a way out, but such a header won’t impress anyone. But you can always get an outstanding header, which shows what kind of person you are.

Crello features let you create superb images. Here you can upload your photos, patterns, illustrations, or fonts, change color effects, add text badges, and other things. It’s time to start designing!

Design Your Tumblr Banner

How to create a Tumblr Banner in Crello

Follow these 4 simple steps
Select Tumblr Banner Format

Preset sizes let you fit Tumblr format.

Choose a Layout

Check Crello collection to find the right template.

Modify It

You can edit Crello layouts to get new designs.

Save and Use

PNG format is just right for Tumblr.

Create great Tumblr banners based on Crello templates.

Crello collection includes 3,500+ free objects and 7,000+ paid objects. Look through Crello content categorized by formats and subjects, or just use advanced search filters to get the right layouts for your designs.

Every Crello user has a personal account, where he or she stores finished and unfinished creative works. If you do not want to lose an extraordinary layout you just found, save it to your account.

Check more headers for social media accountsCreate Your Design

Find a lot more Tumblr banner designs to be inspired.

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