Make your images transparent and work with layers easily

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Add transparency and layering without any efforts.

When you work in any visual editor you expect to have a number of useful features. Transparency and layering are those features that help your designs become deep and impressive.

If your design contains a number of layers and design elements, you need to arrange them in such a way so everything looks fine. You move some of the design elements to front and back and add transparency to create a perfect look. You can change the transparency of all the designs in Crello collection. Everything you do is just move a slider. Transparency can be set from 0 to 100.

Layers in the editor
Transparency in the editor
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Make your image transparent quickly.

What for do you need transparency? The reasons are different. For instance, you want to create a delicate design with slightly transparent patterns on the background. Or you just want to make some design elements more visible than the others.

What are Crello advantages? It is free, it has more than 10,500 design elements in its collection. Using Crello is easy and enjoyable. What else should a blogger need to produce excellent visual content?

By the way, do you know that you can make texts transparent as well? Yes, Crello lets you give prominence to some text blocks. Changing the degree of transparency is easier than you think. Just move the slider in order to do it.

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How to add transparency & layering

Follow these 4 steps.
Select a template
Select a Template

Choose a design from the Crello collection to start your work.

Use an image
Use Crello Images or Upload Your Own.

You can add your images as well as use Crello designs.

Add filters in the editor
Open the Effects Window

Click the image on the artboard to see the list of effects you can use.

Save and use
Save and Use

Make sure you save your image in the right format before you share it.

Move layers to the front and back with ease.

Layering lets you change the order of design elements in your design. Thanks to these layers your image becomes deeper. You can move any of design elements to front or back anytime you need. Just click the design element, choose Bring Forward or Bring Backward in the list of layering options, and place it where it has to be.

Combine transparency and layering while creating your designs to get a totally powerful effect!

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