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Apply the crop feature to your photos

Sometimes you just need to get rid of unnecessary things. And sometimes you need to crop your image. The cropping feature is integral in any visual editor, since you may need to work with the definite parts of the photo and ignore the other parts.

Crello has cropping too. This feature is easy to use: You select the necessary area by dragging the corner points and points placed on the sides. Then you confirm the cropping feature. That’s all. Your photo is cropped and ready for further use.

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Crop your images with no efforts and special skills.

Cropping is a feature that you can use effortlessly. Select an area with your cursor and confirm cropping. You do not need to be a designer to do this. Users who have different skills and backgrounds will be able to do it absolutely successfully. Of course, you can do it as well.

Thanks to this feature your work in Crello becomes comfortable. The more handy features you have, the more designing opportunities arise. And consequently, your designs become more amazing!

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How to crop in Crello

Follow these 4 steps
Válasszon sablont
Select a Template

Choose one of the images in a huge Crello collection.

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Open the Effects Window

Click the image to see all the features available.

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Apply Cropping

Select the area you want to crop and confirm the action.

Mentés és használat
Save and Use

You can save your cropped image in JPG, PDF or PNG formats.

Crop your image and add filters for free.

Since Crello is a free cropping tool, you can crop as many images as you want. All the photo effects, filters and the cropping feature are available for free in Crello. The only exception is any of the premium elements (photos, patterns, shapes, text badges, stickers, etc.). However, if you purchase them once you don’t have to pay for them again. They all are stored in your personal account and can be added to your new designs whenever you need.

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