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Try new stickers in Crello

The Crello team does its best working on new features. Now we are extremely happy to suggest stickers. These design elements are going to make your designs even more outstanding.

We constantly supplement our collection with new stickers. The variety is truly considerable, and you have a chance to find those design elements that suit your design perfectly well. Thanks to stickers your images are going to become multi-level. So if you want to get such an effect, add some elements from the Crello collection. Just click any sticker to have it on the artboard.

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Use stickers to create adorable designs.

Your designs usually consist of photos, images, illustrations, patterns, and text badges. Besides these things, now you can enjoy different customizable stickers. They are great to give prominence to other design elements.

If you have never tried using stickers, it’s a chance for you to work in Crello and add those design elements to your own designs. Don’t be afraid to experiment! You are going to create something adorable.

Try Stickers Többet megtud

How to add stickers to your images

Follow these 4 steps
Válasszon sablont
Select a Template

Take any of Crello designs and open it on the artboard.

Kép használata
Upload Your Images & Fonts

Add your own content to make designs unique.

Megfelelő matrica keresése
Find the Right Stickers

Adjust Crello stickers to your designs.

Mentés és használat
Save and Use

JPG, PDF or PNG are just right for the designs.

Add free stickers in Crello

Isn’t it great that Crello stickers are free? Use them as many times as you like and do not pay. In case you want to have some premium stickers, you need to purchase them. Their price is affordable, each design element costs just $0.99. After you buy them, they appear in your personal account, and you are welcome to add them as many times as you need. Of course, you do not need to pay again after you purchased a definite design element.

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