New Year’s Day The start of the new year, calendar-wise, falls on the first of January. In most countries, it’s a day off work, yet no loud celebrations are thrown. It is mainly a quiet and homey holiday, devoted to inner reflection and family time. International Customs Day

Borders divide, customs connect. This day is set up by the World Customs Organization to celebrate their hard work in keeping countries safe and connected.

Chinese New Year The Chinese or Lunar New Year is celebrated vividly across all Asian countries and diasporas. During the traditional celebration, people go to their hometowns to honor elders, visit pagodas, feast and have lots of fun with firecrackers. Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day on February 14th is the international holiday celebrating romantic love. All over the world, this day becomes the first internationally recognized occasion of the new year, which calls to life numerous events, observations, and promotion campaigns. The Defender of the Fatherland Day This holiday started in the USSR after WW2 to hail the Soviet veterans. Over time the holiday meaning blurred and now it is commonly perceived as Men’s Day. International Women’s Day While, in some regions, the celebration of International Women’s Day falls into a romantically colored category of womanhood and femininity celebration, worldwide this holiday promotes women's equality and symbolizes the fight for women’s rights. Saint Patrick’s Day The St. Patrick’s Day is a yearly celebration of Ireland’s patron saint that has been widely distributed around the globe by Irish immigrant communities. Its lively traditions and vivid nature are warmly welcomed by other cultures, which eventually led to more countries celebrating St. Patrick’s Day than any other national holiday in the world. International Day of Happiness A rather new holiday on the calendar, this Day has been found in 2008 by the UN organization to commemorate Happiness as one of the basic human rights. World Storytelling Day Once a holiday was made to celebrate the art of oral storytelling. And in all towns, the storytellers gathered to tell stories to as many people as possible. The First Day of Spring The First Day of Spring is celebrated on the day of Spring Equinox when the length of day and night equals. From there on the daylight hours start to add. It is a remarkable astronomical occasion that is shared by all people at once. World Water Day An international observation set by the United Nations to mark the importance of the freshwater and support the efforts to make it available for all. Passover The Passover lasts for a whole week in early spring and celebrates the liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt. The word Passover refers to the night when God passed by the houses, killing the Egyptian firstborns and sparing the Jews. Holi Holi is an Indian festival to celebrate the coming of spring and new beginnings. The celebration lasts for a night and a day. The night is for the sacred bonfires, while the day is for throwing bright color powders and lots of laughs. April Fool’s Also known as Fool’s Day, it is marked with pranks and practical jokes of all scales. Observed in many countries and diligently celebrated by newsmakers with the hoax sensations, this day is nevertheless not a public holiday anywhere. Easter Easter Holiday is the biggest and oldest holiday of the Christian religion. Its importance succeeded in the previous pagan celebrations of spring and new life. Easter is one of the primary church holidays, widely celebrated in all Christian countries within Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox branches. World Art Day Established by the International Art Association of sculptors and painters under UNESCO, World Art Day is celebrated on the date of Leonardo Da Vinci’s birth. World Book Day World Book Day is on the mission to give every kid in the world their own book, but also to celebrate authors, publishers, and first of all, reading. Oscar Night This spectacular ceremony started in the 1920s. Now it is the biggest media happening and thus an important channel for cutting-edge messages. International Dance Day On this day—birth date of Jean-Georges Noverre—we celebrate the dance and how it crosses borders, uniting people with a common language. International Jazz Day The day established by UNESCO to recognize the incredible impact of jazz on music, culture, and society, is now celebrated in some 200 countries. Labour Day Also known as International Worker’s Day, it falls on 1st May in all Europe and Asia, as well as South America, Africa and half of APAC. It is often a public holiday marked with parades, sports events, outdoor festivities, and concerts. Cinco de Mayo

Have you ever wondered about #Cincodemayo? Do you want to learn more about this important national holiday in #Mexico? Not only does it commemorate historical moments, but it also celebrates Mexican heritage and pride. Let’s dive in for more!

International Day of Remembrance In early May, the world unites in remembrance of all soldiers and nurses, men, women, and children who fell in World War 2. Estimated 75 million people perished over six years, including twice as many civilians as military personnel. Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is a global holiday that celebrates mothers, motherhood, and the mothers’ influence in societies. The exact day of celebration varies across the regions, but they predominantly fall in March or May. Europe Day On this day in 1950, the Schuman declaration has put the first initiative for the forming of Europe, making this day the birthday of the European Union. Ramadan Feast

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International Day of Families The International Day of Families is celebrated by the UN to raise the awareness of the families, their needs and roles throughout the global societies. The First Day of Summer The Summer Solstice Day, or the day when the sun stays for the longest in the sky, is considered the first day of summer. Many pagan traditions and rituals claim this day with the vivid celebrations that involve bonfires and meadow dances. Father’s Day

Father’s Day, an occasion to celebrate fatherhood and the father figures role in the society is spread over a hundred different countries. On the third Sunday of June, whichever date it is, families get a perfect seasonal occasion to step outside and throw an open-air, barbeque, picnic or similar fun get-together.

Tour de France It is a well-known event everywhere beyond French borders. The most prestigious 23-day pro cycling event in the world has been around for over a hundred years. A sports marketing occasion like this is second to very few modern competitions. Social Media Day Social Media changed the way humans communicate. And while Social Media Day remains a niche occasion celebrated mostly by professionals so far, our firm belief is that it will become a major global online festivity in no time. World Emoji Day Meet the World Emoji Day from the creator of Emojipedia and emoji historian Jeremy Burge. This novel holiday has been celebrated very creatively since 2014. Comic-Con International The famous comic culture convention in San Diego was founded in 1970 by several comic authors. Home to just the comic books and relevant movies at the start, by today it has adopted a bazillion of new genres ranging from anime to horror. Friendship Day A relationship with a friend is a unique kind of affection that a person develops towards a person. An idea to celebrate the beauty of friendship has been around for a while until Friendship Day was officially established in 2011. International Cat Day Since ancient Egypt, humans fell prey to domesticated cats. Recently we even made it official by setting a date to celebrate our feline partners! Get inspired today with these gracious beasts, as generations of our ancestors did. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary This day is devoted by the Roman Catholic church to honoring the belief that Jesus took his mother Mary to the heavens upon her death. The Assumption feast is a nationwide public holiday in several dozens of countries across the world. World Photo Day World Photography Day was created to mark the influence of this documentary art over centuries. The submission of photos to the event is open for everyone. La Tomatina La Tomatina is a day-long food fight festival that takes place in a small town near Spanish Valencia. For just one day, squashed tomatoes flood the streets to the joy of thousands of tourists eager to pose for the scary-looking selfies. First day of Fall When the amount of daytime and nighttime equals in Autumn, it means the Autumn Equinox has come. This day is considered the first day of Fall, marking the point when the nights become longer and bring the colds and winter weather. World Tourism Day This day has been set up by the International Tourism Organization to note the importance of tourism for the society, economy, and humanitarian goals. International Coffee Day The International Coffee Organisation, based in—surprise!—Milan has set up the International Coffee Day to raise awareness about sustainable coffee growth. Halloween

Halloween is the scariest international holiday. And one of the most overdressed. Needless to say, that it’s one of the most intense social media activity days, that can last a week. And the most ‘instagrammable’ one for sure. So, if you don’t want to trick your customers by ignoring the fact of Halloween, you’d better treat them with an outrageous amount of marketing ideas. And candy.

All Saint’s Day All Saints’ Day is a holiday of the Catholic church that celebrates all triumphant saints and martyrs who are believed to have reached heaven after death. It is celebrated in various forms in Europe, North America, and the Philippines. Día de Los Muertos This is a big and distinguishable holiday in Mexican communities around the world. Those who celebrate make Day of the Dead a joyful event—they build bright altars for the deceased and bring their favorite foods to the graveyards. International Day for Tolerance Tolerance is the basic condition defined by the UN as the soil for nurturing international peace. It has been celebrated on the 16th of November since 1995. World Children’s Day November 20th is celebrated as an occasion to promote children’s rights and speak up for those who cannot yet speak up for themselves. This international commemoration unites various countries in awareness-driving events and charity causes. Black Friday

Black Friday is an informal international holiday that states for the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and provides people with big discounts and sales. It starts just after Thanksgiving, sometimes even on Thanksgiving night—to collect all the shoppers first. Right from their festive tables and smoked turkeys.


The Hanukkah is the eight-day holiday festival, also known as the Festival of Lights in the Jewish culture. If you live in Israel, United States, Russia, Australia, or any other international hub with a large Jewish national diaspora, you can hear “Happy Hanukkah!” a lot in December. Though Hanukkah holiday became falsely acknowledged around the world as the Jewish Christmas, it is actually a non-religious event. Among the favorite traditions are lighting the nine-candled menorahs, munching on deep-fried snacks, and enjoying the winter outdoor festivities.

Cyber Monday Cyber Monday is a relatively new invention. It follows Black Friday, urging people to kick up pre-Christmas shopping spree with the great online deals. A smart quasi holiday has been ideated in the National Retail Federation headquarters. Christmas Card Day The first Christmas card was created in 1843 for Sir Henry Cole, a businessman in search of a fancy way to congratulate his clients. Today, it is a multi-billion tradition that makes an average American send 70 Christmas cards a year.
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