Orthodox Christmas Orthodox, unlike Catholics, celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar, hence two weeks difference. Besides church service, this day is marked with 12-dishes feast, caroling, and street parades involving goats, stars, and angels. Orthodox Easter Day In Orthodox Christianity Easter is celebrated by the Julian calendar, thus it comes later than in the Catholic countries. On this day, all-night services—vigils—are held in churches throughout Eastern Europe from Greece to Russia. Orthodox Pentecost The Pentecost Sunday ends of the 92-day cycle of Easter. On this day the Holy Spirit descended to the Apostles, thus completing the Holy Trinity. Constitution Day in Ukraine The Constitution of Ukraine was signed on June 28th, 1996. Now, this day is a popular summer holiday urging Ukrainians to throw picnics, fairs, and concerts. Independence Day in Ukraine Independence Day in Ukraine is a public holiday. More often than not it adds to a long weekend, driving crowds from the city to the countryside getaway. Defenders’ Day in Ukraine The new Defenders of Ukraine Day embodied the distinguishable cossack heritage while commemorating the new generation of brave Ukrainian soldiers. Saint Nicholas Day in CIS The St. Nicholas Day is celebrated as a holiday of the children’s patron saint in CIS. If the kids behave well, they get sweets and gifts on this day.
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