Make Your Dreams Come True Day A day for achievers at heart. On this day, it is encouraged to make tangible steps towards transforming one’s wishes and dreams into reality. Martin Luther King Jr. Day This day became a federal holiday in the US to honor Dr. King’s visionary input in ending racial segregation. On this day, read his works and join the cause. National Irish Coffee Day A day that should be adopted by all chain coffee shops. There is no better way to celebrate it than kick up your morning cup with a generous splash of whiskey. Opposite Day Be careful, since that day grew from a playground game when everything you say means exactly the opposite. Childish? Yes. Fun? No. We hate it. Groundhog Day The weather prediction by a groundhog grew from a superstition of Dutch in the US. No correlation has been found by scientists since, yet the tradition stuck. Super Bowl Sunday The first Sunday in February is the day of an annual championship of the USA National Football League. For all football fans, it’s a must-watch occasion. Super Bowl Sunday is made for snacks, big inches, and smart marketing offensive. President’s Day in the USA A.k.a. Washington’s Day, it’s celebrated on the third Monday of February. On this day the USA celebrates George Washington, who won the War for Independence and later walked away from power, setting an unseen precedent at the time. National Puppy Day in the USA Cuteness overload alert! This day has been set by the dog lovers in 2006 to celebrate the warmth and affection that puppies bring to human lives. Take Your Child to Work Day Also known as Take Our Daughters And Sons to Work, it is designated to give kids a taster of grown-up career, often shaped as the community-building events. Memorial Day

The majority of holidays are fun, bright, and happy. However, some holidays are serious yet important. For instance, Memorial Day, also known as Decoration Day, is a federal holiday in the USA. The Memorial Day definition speaks for itself—this holiday is aimed at remembering and honoring members of a military force who died while serving the United States Armed Forces.

National Flag Day in the USA On the 14th of June, people in the US throw special events to show their love to the “star-spangled banner” and celebrate everything that it represents. Independence Day in the USA

The Fourth of July is a special date for all Americans. On this day, people upload lots of images with hashtags like #Independence, #Freedom, #4thofJuly, #fourthofJuly, and #Independenceday to celebrate freedom and show appreciation to national heroes, both present and past.

Parents’ Day Fourth Sunday in July is celebrated as Parents’ Day in the USA. It gives an occasion to show your appreciation for your parents’ efforts in bringing you up. Book Lovers Day On a lovely day in August, why spend your time with the screen? Rather pick up a book and wander off to a park or a street cafe to celebrate Book Lovers Day. National Tell A Joke Day A fun day for everyone to tell a joke and have a good laugh, the National Tell a Joke day gets hands-down hilarious in the colleges and kids activity centers. Labor Day in the USA

Americans celebrate Labor Day, a big national holiday, aimed at honoring working people and their contributions to national prosperity, strength, and well-being. It appears on the first Monday of September annually, so the date of the holiday changes each year. Although this holiday is widespread in the USA and Canada, it’s an alternative holiday to International Workers' Day, popular in many countries across the world.

Video Games Day Video Games Day is an unofficial holiday that started between the 20th and 21st centuries. It unites the PS, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo players of all ages. International Day of Democracy The Day of Democracy was established by the UN in 2007. It commemorates the humanitarian value of democracy, educates about its mechanism and potential. Columbus Day Columbus Day was celebrated to mark Christopher Columbus’s arrival to the shores of the New World on the 12th of October in 1492. After causing controversy over the 20th century, it has been changed into the Indigenous People’s Day. Chicago Marathon Chicago Marathon is one of the biggest and merriest marathons in the world, with some 45,000 participants joining the run at the capital of Illinois. Diwali

In short, Diwali is an Indian version of a New Year celebration. This Hindu festival of lights symbolizes the victory of good over evil. During Diwali people enjoy spending time at home with their families, exchanging presents, eating tasty food, and watching fireworks.

New York City Marathon This is a big and distinguishable holiday in Mexican communities around the world. Those who celebrate make Day of the Dead a joyful event—they build bright altars for the deceased and bring their favorite foods to the graveyards. Veterans Day This US public holiday overlaps with the French Armistice Day and marks the day in November when the First World War came to an end. In the US it is bigger than this, though, and hails all the Veterans who served their country at all times. Thanksgiving

It is a formal holiday in the USA which takes place on the last Thursday of November. Nowadays it is well-known as a family and food day. You’ll have to dig deep through the gargantuan feast of turkey and mashed potatoes to discover the original roots of this holiday. We’ll make it easier for you — just follow our lead and pick up the best marketing strategy for this occasion.

National Cookie Day in the USA What is fun and makes you feel cozy and snuggled? Cookie Day! Use this National Day to create happy memories in your kitchen by baking the best cookies ever.
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