Carnival in Brazil What now is a 5-day Sambadrome parade, started from a Catholic tradition to make a little party before the Great Lent. The Carnival is a one-of-a-kind celebration of Afro-Brazilian culture spiced with the influences of Madeira and Portugal. Tiradentes Day Tiradentes was the nickname of the dentist José Joaquim da Silva Xavier, a trailblazer of Brazil Independence who was brutally executed by Portuguese. When the colonial rule ended, the day of da Silva’s death became a national holiday. Festa Junina

Festa Junina, or the so-called Festa de São João holiday, is a Brazilian harvest festival, adopted from European Midsummer celebrations. This national tradition celebrates the end of the rainy seasons, the rural life, and the beginning of harvest. Brazilians celebrate this unique festival for the whole month of June.

Dia dos Namorados Translated as “The Lovers’ Day”, or “The Boyfriends/Girlfriends Day”, Dia dos Namorados is a Brazilian version of St Valentine’s Day. Local ways of celebration include samba dancing, decorating the houses, and folk music carnivals. Independence Day in Brazil The Brazil Independence Day, Sete de Setembro, is celebrated on the 7th of September. On this day in 1822, Brazil declared Independence from Portuguese rule. Children’s Day in Brazil Our Lady of Aparecida is the name of the ceramic Virgin Mary figure which is considered the patroness of Brazil. The name Children’s Day comes from the belief that the statue patronizes the expectant mothers and newborns, in particular. All Souls’ Day All over Brazil on this day families go to the graveyards and honor the memory of their deceased by decorating tombs with flowers and candles.
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