Epiphany Epiphany is celebrated in Western Christianity on the day when Magi came to meet baby Christ. Spicy cake and a bowl of oranges are common treats on this day. Fat Thursday The week before the Great Lent is the last chance for Christians to feast before a stretched fasting. It is especially greeted in some traditions by indulging in hearty and warming pancakes, donuts, or crepes with various fillings. Ascension Day This religious holiday is observed in some Christian countries on the 40th day after Easter to commemorate the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven. Whit Monday Whit Monday is a religious holiday following the Pentecost, or Whitsunday when the Holy Spirit descended to Christ’s followers in the form of a dove. Father’s Day in Germany

It’s all about #Vatertag today! It’s a German version of #Fathersday that celebrates #fatherhood and recognizes the role of males in children bringing up. Read further to find out more about this holiday.

Corpus Christi The tradition of the Eucharist is celebrated by Roman Catholics in all Catholic Churches. The special services are held on this day, and the wine and bread representing the Blood and Body of Christ are believed to have the most power. Oktoberfest

Whether you love beer or not, the Oktoberfest holiday needs no introduction. During the period of the festival, people upload thousands of photos to their social media profiles with event-related hashtags such as #Oktoberfest and #Wiesn to share the atmosphere of the beer festival.

German Unity Day Few nations experienced the same thing as Germany, where the people have been abruptly divided by a wall for several decades. The day when the wall finally fell, became one of the biggest German public holidays called German Unity Day. Day of Reformation The Day of Reformation is celebrated by the Protestant church on the day when Martin Luther nailed his “40 theses” to the door of the Wittenberg church. Usually spent to one’s liking, it drives both religious services and weekend tourism. Repentance Day This religious occasion is observed in Germany 11 days before Advent. It is no longer a public holiday, but still an important event for Protestants.
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