Epiphany Epiphany is celebrated in Western Christianity on the day when Magi came to meet baby Christ. Spicy cake and a bowl of oranges are common treats on this day. Fat Thursday The week before the Great Lent is the last chance for Christians to feast before a stretched fasting. It is especially greeted in some traditions by indulging in hearty and warming pancakes, donuts, or crepes with various fillings. Constitution Day in Poland

Curious about #ŚwiętoNarodowe? Meaning Constitution Day in Polish, it is an important historical holiday that honors the constitution of #Poland. If your target audience includes #Poles, learn more information about this holiday and put it on your marketing calendar!

Corpus Christi The tradition of the Eucharist is celebrated by Roman Catholics in all Catholic Churches. The special services are held on this day, and the wine and bread representing the Blood and Body of Christ are believed to have the most power. Independence Day in Poland The Poland Independence Day was established in 1918 when the country managed to reunite after being divided between three European empires for over a hundred years. This day is celebrated throughout Poland with concerts and parades.
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