Design Pinterest graphics that grab attention

Create a Pinterest Graphic

Design fascinating Pinterest graphics.

Pinterest is a great platform, where you can express all your creative potential, get inspired and exchange your ideas. You save collections and post your own visual content. If you want to start working as a designer and show the world something unique that you created, it is the right time and place to do it. Of course, Crello will be happy to assist you.

Crello functions are easy to use, you just modify colors, add text badges, patterns, photos and other design elements. It won’t take much time to create your first design in Crello, and your creative results are going to be compelling.

Design Pinterest Graphics

Make Pinterest graphics that excite.

What makes you check some graphics on Pinterest and what makes you ignore the others? One of the first things you pay attention to is the high quality of the images uploaded to Pinterest. Well-designed images are always notable.

Crello lets you create the same exciting designs too. It contains already-made templates organized according to their subject and format, so it takes little time to find the right template. Enjoy working in Crello!

Design Your Pinterest Graphic

How to create Pinterest graphics in Crello.

Follow these 4 steps.
Choose Pinterest Graphic Format.

No need to resize your design, just choose the format template.

Select the Layout

Crello templates collection is at your disposal.

Customize Your Design

Make your designs special by changing their style.

Save and Post

PNG format is perfect for Pinterest graphics.

Design notable Pinterest graphics easy and without a budget.

Crello to darmowy kreator grafiki na Pinterest. Zawiera 12 000 szablonów, które można dopasować do formatu Pinterest. Nie płacisz za projekty, które tworzysz, ale możesz też kupić niektóre elementy projektu za 0,99$. To dobra okazja, ponieważ możesz z nich korzystać nieograniczoną liczbę razy, bez względu na to, ile tworzysz projektów.

Choose those images you like among thousands of Crello templates, modify them and share in your Pinterest account.

Choose designs for other social media posts.Create Your Design

Check Crello ready-to-use templates and find your inspiration.

Get Inspired