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How can you stand out in social media? People who come to your Twitter page check the content you post to understand who you are. If you add some well-designed images, you obviously make a great impression. The first thing a new visitor sees on your Twitter page is your Twitter header. This is an attention grabber that helps you stand out, and it makes sense to create the stunning header.

Crello is made to let you design images for the web and print materials. Thanks to the handy interface, you can create a unique Twitter header right away. It is never too late to start creating.

Create a Twitter Header

Make fancy Twitter header that people enjoy

There are two options: You either find some images for headers in the Internet, or create them on your own. The second option is far more exciting, because you have a chance to direct all your creative potential into marvelous designs. Why don’t you try creating something your friends might like?

Since Crello is an easy-to-use tool, it won’t take much time to figure out how it works. Just upload your images or check out Crello collection and start working on your impressive Twitter headers.

Design Your Twitter Header

How to create a Twitter Header in Crello

Follow these 4 simple steps.
Select a Twitter Header Format

It is easy to fit a Twitter format with preset sizes.

Choose a Layout

Crello templates collection lets you choose the right design.

Modify It.

Make your edits in Crello designs and create something new.

Save and Use.

It is advisable to save your designs in a JPEG format.

Create captivating Twitter headers using Crello templates.

Is it easy to be original? Sure! And Crello is ready to assist you. This online editor has a collection of 10,500+ objects and 60 million+ photos, which you can use for your designs! Just get in and go.

No worries, if you think your designing skills are lame. Crello templates are categorized according to the format and subject, so you just can pick out one and slightly modify it. This is the easiest way to the enjoyable Twitter headers!

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