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Create a Twitter post that attracts visitors

Twitter accounts are great to share your life or promote different services or goods. Visual content is undeniably important for social media, since we rather scan news feed than read each post. What is more, if your designs are gorgeous, it makes visitors stop and check posts more carefully. This is how you can grab attention.

Of course, you can take some stock photos and post them in your Twitter, however, you can try creating something on your own. The Crello interface is user friendly, so you will easily figure out how to make images for Twitter posts.

Design Twitter Posts

Make Twitter posts effortlessly.

Internet beginners are afraid of using online visual editors. The reasons are many, but usually they are the lack of experience and poor designing skills. Crello was developed for non-designers. Now people with different backgrounds and experiences create awesome images for social media, posters, invitations, and other visual content.

Where should you start? Customize Crello templates or upload your images to the editor and start working. Don’t get surprised if you fall in love with designing.

Design Your Twitter Post

How to create images for Twitter posts

Just follow these 4 steps.
Choose a Twitter Post Format

Preset size lets your design fit a Twitter Post format.

Pick the Template

Select any of Crello templates for your business or personal aims.

Customize Your Design

Upload new fonts, photos, and patterns to make your design unique.

Save and Post

Choose a PNG format, since it is perfect for Twitter posts.

Zaprojektuj obrazy postów na Twitter za darmo.

Ponieważ Crello to darmowe narzędzie, możesz tworzyć nieograniczoną ilość obrazów do postów na Twitter i zachować je wszystkie na swoim osobistym koncie Crello. Niektóre elementy projektu są premium, jednak ich cena jest przystępna dla każdego. Możesz je kupić za 0,99$ i korzystać bez ograniczeń. Po zakupie nie musisz płacić za ten element, gdy dodasz go do swoich nowych projektów.

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