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How to make a collage with VistaCreate

Step 1.

Find collages in VistaCreate by the keyword

Just a decade ago, people would make a collage using cut-outs from real magazines. What does collage mean today? It’s a universal design format that you can use in any visual form of communication. To find collage designs in VistaCreate, type “collage” into the search bar.

Step 2.

Select a collage template to edit

You’ll see pages of ready-made collages to edit, or you can open a blank canvas to start designing from scratch. Customize any detail until you’re satisfied—backgrounds, images, design objects, colors, and text.

Step 3.

Here’s how to make video collages fast

You’re probably wondering how to make a video collage that stands out? You can add animated elements to the artboard, use VistaCreate’s rich media library of video clips, or upload your own. With user-friendly editing tools, anyone can create a video collage in minutes.

Step 4.

Personalize your collage and download

Upload your photos, illustrations, fonts, and music to create dozens of engaging collages for business or personal use. Now you know how to make a collage on your Insta story or any other social media format.

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