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How to make a YouTube thumbnail

Step 1.

Choose the YouTube Thumbnail format

With VistaCreate, you’ll never have to google how to make YouTube thumbnails. Just enter your format into the search bar and filter results if needed. Then, you have two options: to open a blank canvas and start from scratch, or select a template that suits your needs.

Step 2.

Select a template for your thumbnail

Choose a striking thumbnail template! All VistaCreate templates are made according to the latest design and marketing trends. This way, you won’t have to ask anyone how to create thumbnails for YouTube that stand out.

Step 3.

Easily tweak your design

This stage will explain how to change a YouTube thumbnail to make it more personalized. All you need to do is add stickers, fonts, illustrations, and other design objects from VistaCreate’s vast media library. When your design is ready, download it in any of the available formats and add it to your video.

Step 4.

Here’s how to make a custom YouTube thumbnail

Upload your own visual content to VistaCreate and use it to add personal touch to your thumbnail. In addition to that, you can save your unique fonts, images, and colors to Brand Kits, in order to create thumbnails even faster!

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