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What can make us slow down scrolling the Instagram feed? It is an attractive image. You just stop for a while and take a better look at the photograph.

Though Instagram allows adding some text to the image, this is a visual social media. It means that we pay attention to what is pictured and expect to see beautiful posts here. Only after we have examined the image, we read what’s written below. Image dimension and quality matters, that’s why Instagram post maker with templates will save you time and resources.


Crello lets you create splendid Instagram posts, quotes and ads. There are preset sizes for an Instagram format, so you do not need to think about it.

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Design Instagram posts with pleasure

Designing is delightful. Of course if you can do it well. Do you know why using Crello is a pleasure? You have a huge collection of designs in front of you and get a chance to make something exciting without any special skills. You just modify Crello Instagram templates and get a great design as a result.

Crello offers both free and paid elements, which cost just $0,99. You purchase once and keep using them for ever. That’s a bargain.

Design Instagram Posts

How to create Instagram post images in Crello

Follow these 4 steps
Choose a Format

Crello offers preset sizes for Instagram posts.

Pick the Template

Check all the designs and choose the one you need.

Customize It

Upload images & fonts, edit text and add new design elements.

Save and Share

Choose a PNG format to save your designs.

Design Instagram posts with no design skills

Crello is a helpful tool, which lets you create remarkable designs without advanced skills and large budget. You check out Crello database, find the appropriate design and change it according to your demands. Even if you lack inspiration at the moment, we will suggest you some good designs you can use as a template.

Crello interface is user-friendly, that’s why you will be able to figure out how different settings function. Work with ready-made templates, upload your images and fonts, add and delete design elements.

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