Crello Editor API—A Powerful Design Editor, Tailored Specifically For Your Platform.

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Integrate Crello Editor to your platform and allow your customers to create outstanding designs right away and without leaving your website.

What is the Crello Editor API?

Crello Editor API is a powerful integration that allows your customers to create beautiful designs for marketing, social media, print, and web right on your platform.

A powerful design kit

With the integrated Crello Editor, your customers are just a click away from the design interface with thousands of ready-made templates, photos, and video footage. Your users will be able to create designs without leaving your website, therefore will spend more time using your service.


Short code and easy integration

Crello Editor API fits into a small piece of code that is very easy to integrate anywhere you want. The editor is robust and user-friendly, but powerful enough to provide your customers with impressive design capabilities and enjoyable creative experience.


A fully customizable solution

Since Crello is a white-label solution available in 16 languages—the editor’s interface can be tailored to match the unique style and functionality of your platform. You decide what features will be available within the editor, so let’s define your goals and create a custom design solution for your business!


How to get a personalized Crello Editor?


Talk over the details

Let's quickly chat and discuss your needs. We are ready to deliver a personalized API design tool for your platform.


Recreate Crello Editor

Our main goal is to adapt Crello Editor to your vision and provide a solution that combines rich functionality, a user-friendly interface, and great performance into a seamless experience.


Integrate Crello Editor

Integration of the Crello Editor is so easy it’s hard to believe. Quickly copy-paste a few lines of code to your website and the editor is ready for use.

All-in-one design toolkit for your creative goals

What we put inside the Crello Editor is completely up to you. Want your users to create only social media posts? Easy! Want everything Crello has to offer? We’re ready!

50K+ professionally designed templates in 70+ formats

Social media posts and stories

Animated designs

Online advertising banners

Digital and offline marketing materials

Printable documents and letters

Blogging visuals, covers, and headers

A built-in media library of creative assets

1,000,000+ premium images, vectors, and videos

A huge library of sounds and animations for any occasion

A variety of patterned and solid-colored backgrounds

680+ unique fonts in 20 languages

A huge selection of objects for quick and easy design


All needed editing features for stunning visuals

Edit any ready-made template until it meets your needs

Create designs from scratch by entering custom dimensions

Upload images, videos, logos, fonts, and music to the editor

Remove backgrounds from detailed images

Add animated effects to various static elements

Recolor objects and set their transparency level

Add masks and change the layering of objects

Align and lock all elements on the canvas

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