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Crello Turns 2: Images Worth $7M for FREE and a Bucket of Gifts for Our Users

by Crello Team
a collage of images from the 500,000 collection

This July, Crello turns 2!

To celebrate, we are granting all our subscribers with free access to a collection of 500,000+ premium images valued at $7 million!

More new features for our birthday

  • 3,500 Video clips free to use for subscribers
  • Animated effects for static design objects (available starting July 20)
  • Updated search for formats, templates, images
  • Referral program
  • iOS app 

Premium Images Collection at a Glance

Does it ever feel like all the glossiest, magazine cover-grade photos are not available in the Crello free collection or outside free stocks?

Here at Crello, we like to offer solutions to our users’ problems, that’s why Crello partnered up with photographers and photo studios to deliver a collection of 500,000 top-quality images worth $7M. The images are not available on free stock websites and are completely free for Crello PRO users!

  • 500,000 high-quality images produced by professional photographers and photo studios
  • in line with the most current visual trends
  • images are not available in free photo stocks
  • free unlimited use for all PRO Crello subscribers
  • total value  – $7M

Inside the Collection

The topics, subjects, color schemes and compositions of the photographs in the collection have been developed based on thorough research of current trends and the design needs of businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

All the photographs are high-quality premium visual content on a variety of topics, ensuring that everyone walks away with the result they love.

Availability of all 500,000 images to paid subscribers within the PRO plan means they don’t have to worry about using the wrong photo and having to come back and pay again just to replace it.

Content Update: 3,500 New Video Clips

We’ve expanded our video clip collection by 3,500 brand new videos that users can use in projects and designs.

New Feature: Animated Effects

Ever thought if only you could add an animated accent to a part of your animated design that doesn’t have a built-in motion?

Now you can add animation to any part of your design.

Upgraded Search

As the number of templates, objects, and stock visuals is continually expanding, the search is becoming crucial for users to be able to find the right content. That’s why we’ve spent hundreds of work hours on naming, tagging and adding keywords to our templates, videos, photos, and animated objects.

New Feature: Referral Program

Crello’s brand new referral program rewards users who invite their friends and colleagues to the service. Each referral gets the user a $2 bonus to be used with their next Crello plan payment.

Get bonuses within the Crello referral program →

iOS App


Design anything, anywhere. The core of Crello’s functionality is now available to any iPhone user – the iOS app is a great way to ensure you can come up with an illustration or a well-edited post visual even if you are on the go.

Looking Back

It’s been two years since Crello’s launch in July of 2017. We started out with 29 formats, 10,000 templates and 11,000 design elements.

In March 2019, Crello celebrated the first milestone of one million registered users. Here’s a quick overview of the key updates to Crello, introduced since our launch:

Crello Today

  • 1.5 million registered users
  • 20,000 ready-to-use, professionally designed templates in 40 formats, including 4 video and animated formats
  • 30,000 new premium photos every month
  • 5,000 video and animated templates

Our Roadmap for 2019

Crello has ambitious plans for the future. Here’s just a part of what’s on our to-do list:

  • group work functionality for teams
  • multi-frame animation video
  • adding sound to motion designs
  • gradients (yes:))
  • even MORE new formats!
  • designer collabs
  • API
  • WordPress plugin update
  • 10 new languages for our interface!
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