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250+ templates made by pro designers

Free photos, fonts, and graphic elements to customize your design

Neatly categorized themed eBook templates

5 page formats for each template


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Free eBook Templates for Self-Publishing Authors

If you’ve ever dreamt of getting “publish my novel” off your bucket list, now is the moment. Crello’s eBook templates let you self-publish with minimal effort.

Did we mention you don’t need to spend a penny and are saving time on back-and-forths with designers and publishers?

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Professional eBook Designs for Marketers

Quality visuals help your business attract customers, and we bet your company website and social media accounts look stunning.

But what about your white papers, reports and guidelines? It’s time they become just as beautiful — utilize Crello’s vast collection of professionally designed eBook templates for any type of marketing content.

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Easy-to-Make eBooks for Students and Educators

Time-consuming design tools? Not your problem anymore.

Why spend hours designing a paper or report, if you can create a smooth look for your writings in mere minutes — Crello’s striking, easy to work with templates will fit any academic need. Choose and modify an eBook template in minutes.

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