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Make use of online invitation templates by Crello

Do you think that all those lovely invitations to weddings and birthday parties are created by professionals? The secret is that any person can do it in the right visual editor. Crello has a set of features that both beginners and advanced users can easily use.

One more advantage of Crello is that it contains a huge collection of 10 500+ design elements and 12 000+ design templates. The variety of illustrations, photographs, fonts, text badges and a lot more design elements just amazes! They all are at your disposal, and you can create fascinating invitations at once.

Invitation in the editor
Design an Invitation

Make your own invitations that excite others

Crello suggests different formats, and one of these formats is an invitation. Users can resize Crello images and create their own custom formats, but preset dimensions make designing process much easier. All our invitation templates are categorized according to subjects, so it will be easy for you to find the right image.

Don’t worry if you haven’t created any graphics before. It is a delightful and easy process, and you are going to be absorbed!

Design Your Invitation

How to create invitations in Crello

Follow these 4 steps
Select format in the editor
Select an Invitation Format

It’s easy to design thanks to preset dimensions of the format you choose.

Take a layout in the editor
Take a Layout

Crello templates are helpful when you don’t know where to start.

Modify in the editor
Modify the Image

Add and delete design elements to create a marvelous invitation.

Save and post in the editor
Save and Post

After everything’s done, choose the PDF Print format to save your image.

Design invitations effortlessly and without a budget

Lots of beginners are afraid of the failure. They think their designs will be too ordinary or lame. This stops them from creativity. Crello will help any user create extraordinary designs with no efforts. The secret is that Crello designers prepared a set of templates that can be modified according to your needs.

Crello contains both free and paid design elements. Paid elements are cheap, each of them costs $0.99. After you buy any design element, you can use it as many times as you want without purchasing again.

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Get inspired by the collection of 12 000+ templates

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