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Explore Editing Features of Crello

Create amazing designs with all Crello’s features and content. Edit our templates in minutes or easily make your own masterpieces.


Discover what awesome things you can do with the help of each Crello feature

Add Frame to Photo

With a variety of frames in the Crello library, you can make a post, Insta story, ad, or printable postcard that looks nice and neat.

Add Speech Bubble to Photo

With Crello’s speech bubbles, your characters can do the talking. Add personality, humor, and emotion to your designs.

Add Text to Photo

Give your message impact, no matter what you have to say. With Crello you can add text to photos easily and quickly.

Flip Images

Flip a picture in a second to make a quick and efficient print edit, balance your design or bring symmetry.

Rotate Images

Rotate a picture any second with the help of hotkeys or a set of helpful buttons on the editing Crello panel.

Photo Filters

Apply beautiful filters to your photos in a snap. Crello has a bunch of major photo filters, be it a classy B&W or a vivid Festive effect.

Resize Images

Created a perfect design but realized its size is incorrect? With Crello you can resize your images or even the whole design in a few clicks.

Transparency & Layers

Make images transparent to layer up your design and bring many messages in one. We made sure it’s as easy as clicking the button.


When you use a photo as a background for your design, blur it a bit to make the elements on the front stand out.

Crop Images

Want just a tiny piece of the photo? Crop it. With Crello you can slice your images like a samurai.


You can use shapes as semi-transparent overlay masks to highlight text. Or turn them into tiny Memphis-style decorations.


Add cute thematic stickers to your designs and emphasize a specific holiday or occasion. Have fun with Hide The Pain Harold pack.


Icons don’t need translation, yet speak to everyone. With the help of Crello you can create your own icons or use the ones we have.


Want to make an awesome design for your new blog article? Throw a beautiful picture on a blank canvas, add a badge, and you’re done.


Create a unique label in Crello with a variety of beautiful ready-made templates. Give any type of product a distinctive designer look, whether you need a label for retail or personal use.

Resize Video

We made video resizing effortless since we know how annoying the extra steps can get when you just want to click and get it done.

Animated Effects

Animate any element on the artboard. Make those stickers scatter on the canvas. Let those shapes zoom in and out with delays.

Animated Logos

Logos can be awesome but animated logos are even better. They grab attention, they are sophisticated, they’re simply more fun.

Stay with us for more awesome features

We add new features and content regularly so that you fall in love with Crello again and again. Huge media library, intuitive interface, and all needed tools in one place to create a unique design each time.