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Fun and Games: Top Graphic Design Fails

by Sandra Iakovleva

Yes, facepalming will be an integral part of this article about graphic design fails. Put your coffee aside, because the giggles you’re about to experience are as real as the astonishing reality of some of these designs.

Keep in mind that having a designer on your team is very valuable. Some of these designs remind us that it’s equally important to at least follow some basic design tips, maybe have a proofreader look over your work, oh and never disregard your audience.

The collection of design fails, or just terrible design, includes product design, packaging, awful copy, store signs and pamphlets made with no after thought, and just brilliant t-shirt designs that people probably wear with pride.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to some of the biggest design fails so that you’ll know what to do, what you definitely shouldn’t do and just how important designs are of simply everyday life and common objects.

1. Nice pattern, but I’d rather take the elevator

2. I live for sa sa le les

3. That’s really motivating, thanks

4. Sooo you’d like me to be a customer or not?

5. Um, can I have a word with the editor of ‘Where’ magazine?

6. We’ll heal all our burgers.

7. Can’t say it’s an honest mistake. 

8. For those looking for app rentals and ice ships

9. Has this designer seen a compass before?

10. Ignorance is bliss

11. Certainly something to be sad about…

12. Resume highlight: I use Microsoft Word

13. Thanks for the tip

14. Looks like someone forgot Europe

15. And China is now a continent

16. Did you do your math right?

17. RIP America

18. Very unfortunate branding

19. Would your cat like some kittens for lunch?

20. Joey doesn’t share food!

21. That’s not how the selfie stick works…

22. Really?

23. Someone didn’t think this through

24. Excuse me, waiter? What would you recommend from the list?

25. If you squint, you barely notice the mistake

26. How do you read this?

27. A great example of how color choices matter

28. I just lost my appetite…

29. The legend is spot on

30. Nice try though!

31. Objective: confuse consumers to buy stuff anyway

32. A designer’s kerning nightmare

33. Not sure if awful font, or awful quote

34. Must right left

35. The importance of visual hierarchy

36. When you put in 0 effort

37. Someone thought the watermark was pretty

38. That’s disgusting.

39. What?

40. That’s not how venn diagrams work, but okay

41. I want some pdelicious pineapple cake

42. What sorcery is this?

43. Excellent placement

44. They might be perfect, but they also look like they hung themselves

45. Hmm…happy time ion hot hair dry care?

46. What a rebel

47. I will avoid it at all costs, thanks

48. Editors are so important

49. Very innovative DVD

50. A failed hashtag

51. The road to nowhere

52. Pretty sure the donations were generous

53. Looks more like soda. Danger.

54. Careful now

55. Unfortunate cover

56. Say it louder for the people in the back

57. Accurate photograph

58. The invisible golf ball

59. Fonts, you gotta think it through

60. On point Arieh

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