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Use the blur slider to change an image background.

One of the most useful features that Crello suggests is blurring. This photo effect lets you regulate image texture. Thus, your design can become significantly blurred. The choice is yours. You decide what mood your images should have. Anyway, this photo effect is always available in Crello. Just click the image and find Blur among other effects in the Effects pop-up window. It is very simple to apply the blurring feature. Just drag its slider until the image becomes blurred enough. That’s it!

Blur in the editor
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Try using blurring to make designs unique.

It is a great idea to combine blurring with other photo effects, available in the pop-up window: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, X-Process, Vignette or Tint. These photo effects and a range of Crello filters are going to make your designs outstanding.

Blur photo effect is used to focus on some objects in the photo. In such a way you set side by side a text to the blurred background.

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How to add blurring in Crello

Follow these 4 steps
Select a template
Select a Template

Take an image from Crello collection and open it on the artboard.

Use an image
Use Crello Images or Upload Yours.

Add some of your own content to edit unique images.

Add filters in the editor
Open the Effects Window.

Just click the image on your artboard to see all filters and effects.

Save and use
Save and Use

JPG, PDF or PNG formats will be great for your designs.

Add the blur effect for free

Do not forget that all the filters and effects in your Crello account are available for free. Use them as many times as you need and remake the images you have edited before.

Crello also includes premium elements, which cost $0.99. After you purchase any of these elements, you can use them for an unlimited number of times. So it makes sense to buy a set of unique design elements and make your images even more brilliant.

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