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Create a nice postcard with our postcard templates.

A great way to say something special is to send a touching postcard. However, you may not have design skills to make it good. In this case, use Crello, which lets you create fabulous postcards with no advanced skills or any budget.

Your personal Crello account has a number of features. Thanks to them you will be able to create images for the web as well as print materials. Our collection consists of more than 10,500 design elements and 12,000 ready-made templates. Just take any of them and start modifying them!

Postcard in the editor
Design a Postcard

Create custom postcards on the spot

Send your friend a vacation postcard. Or add a business identity and send a postcard to your customers. There are so many occasions to present someone with a gorgeous postcard! Do not expect creative process to be exhausting and difficult. You will enjoy making postcards, since Crello designers have already created a huge collection of more than 10,500 design elements, and they are at your disposal. It is the right time to show off your creativity.

Design Your Postcard

How to create postcards in Crello

Follow these 4 steps
Select a format in the editor
Select a Postcard Format

Preset dimensions of the formats make it easy to design.

Take a template in the editor
Take a Template

Crello templates will help you create new awesome postcards.

Customize in the editor
Customize Design

Modify different design elements to get a perfect image in the end.

Save and post in the editor
Save and Post

Choose PDF Print format when saving the image for the convenience.

Create amazing postcards with no budget.

Crello is a free online postcard maker, and it lets you work with more than 3,500 free design elements. You are welcome to upload your own photographs, illustrations, patterns and fonts to create unique postcards. What is more, premium elements are also available. There are two options to purchase them: do it in advance, or buy them while downloading a new design. All those images you created in your Crello account are stored there until you delete them, so you can always work on them later.

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