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WOW Friends and Customers With Beautiful Collages. With Crello, there’s no need to be a design guru to make a great impression on friends or customers. Whether you want to share your vacation photos or promote your new product on socials, use our picture collage maker to stand out with amazing visuals.

Easy Design Tool for Making Photo Collages in a Few Clicks

Make in minutes. No design skills needed.

Crello gives you all the tools to make a photo collage of your dreams

Find Templates for Your Taste

Want to breathe life into your collage? Crello is here to help you! We’ve collected hundreds of ready-to-use templates for every occasion so that you can make a collage with ease. Just drag-and-drop your images into your favorite free collage templates and get the stunning visual!

Add Animation

Moving design is a new trend that keeps users engaged, and animation can make your collage even more eye-catching. The great news? Crello is a great solution for beginners and advanced users to make polished-looking collages fast. Add animated elements and stay ahead of your competitors.

Upload Your Custom Content

Having your own style is a proven way to grab attention with ease. Our tool helps to add a unique style to your photos. Just upload your images, logos, or other files, choose from a variety of colors and fonts, and tailor your photo collage to your preferences.

Edit Effortlessly

Want to create original photo collages that meet your needs and taste? If you don’t have editing experience, our online tool is your solution that works well for all users. Crello has a built-in photo editor with a solid number of functions: you can resize your photo collage, add texts or images, change fonts, and use photo filters.

Resize in Seconds

If you want to make your pic collage online, it’s more likely you don’t want to work on it over and over again to make it fit all formats. With Crello, it’s easy to resize your collage - just switch between formats to resize and upload it to different platforms: social media, email newsletters, blog posts, etc. Most popular formats are all at your fingertips.

Customize with Free Objects

Searching for your perfect collage maker online, pay close attention to design functionality it offers. If you want to create stunning visuals, sooner or later you need to apply different objects to photos. A variety of design elements will add personality to your creation, making it more eye-catching and unique.

25,000+ Ready-to-use and Beautiful Templates

Making a Photo Collage has never been easier