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Create animated posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media

Design Animated Posts

Create captivating animated images on your own

You can use visuals in a number of different ways. A more exciting format is motion graphics. This is a great way to engage your audience, make an announcement or advertise the product you’re selling. With the help of animation, you breathe life into your projects and make your social media account, blog or email stand out.

Videos tend to grab attention more so than still images. This is especially true if you work with social media. Why not choose animated designs to surprise your users? The good news is, now you can do it on your own and for free.

Animated design in the editor
Design Your Animated Image

Create animated images with no budget

When you look at an exciting live design, you probably think it was made by a skillful designer and that something like this will cost you quite a bit. Well, turns out you can do it with no budget using Crello. Crello designers have put together a collection of free templates which are ready to be customized for your projects. Check out how easy it is and get to your designs!

Make an Animated Design

How to create an animated image in Crello

4 simple steps
Select format in the editor
Select an Animated Design Format

Formats come in preset sizes so you won’t need to make any changes.

Choose a template in the editor
Choose a Template

See our collection of animated designs and pick something you like.

Modify in the editor
Modify It

Change templates, customize text or add new elements.

Save and share in the editor
Save and Share

Download your file in mp4 format.

Create animated posts that catch attention

Besides static templates, Crello designers are happy to share a new collection of animated designs. All animated templates are free, however, paid design elements cost only $0.99. You can buy them in advance or right after you finish your design. Now you can create a striking design in the fraction of the time and no prior design skills. Crello is very intuitive and you'll get a hang of it quite quickly. Enjoy our new feature and give live designs a try.

Check more animated designs by Crello
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