Design charming email headers in the visual editor

Create an Email Header

Design outstanding headers for your email.

We want to be different and try to make our social media pages, blogs, and even email headers impressive. It is true that our accounts in the web tell a lot about our habits and tastes?

Our letterheads or email headers are the first thing clients see, when you start your business correspondence. It is your chance to make a great first impression. So if your headers have superb design and professional look, you nailed it!

Making email header on your own is effortless if you use Crello, since it contains header templates ready to be changed and used in your business letters.

Email header in the editor
Design Email Headers

Get exciting email headers that people like.

There is a certain type of business letter that attracts people. This is the one with a visual hook. In this case a visual hook is your powerful email header. Its function is to make potential customers read the letter and further buy your product or service.

Creating an email header in Crello is almost effortless. You just open a template, remake it by adding your logo, font, some new design elements and anything else you need.

Design Your Email Header

How to create an email header in Crello

Follow these 4 steps.
Select a format in the editor
Select Email Header Format.

No need to resize email headers thanks to preset dimensions.

Choose a layout in the editor
Choose a Layout

Use any of the templates available in Crello collection.

Customize in the editor
Customize It

Change Crello designs to create your perfect email header.

Save and use in the editor
Save and Use

Save your designs in JPEG format to get a high-quality image.

Design superb email headers for free.

Crello is a free email header maker that has ready-made templates with preset dimensions. It is easy to make your own email header, since you see splendid examples created by Crello designers and stored in the database. You can use them for free as well as buy some premium elements for $0.99. After you purchase those objects, they appear in your own personal Crello account. Use them as many times as you need without paying again.

Get more designs for your needs.Create Your Design

Find your inspiration among the ready-made email headers.

Pumpkin ready-made template
Island ready-made template
Lacrosse ready-made template
Online ready-made template
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